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Being a quality seafood exporter in Sri Lanka, Jay Sea Foods fully complies with all legal and mandatory Food Safety requirements.
Our operations are carried out in strict accordance with HACCP Food Safety Management System, all EU and FDA Food Safety Regulations and as per the Guidelines of the local authority (Department of Fisheries & Aquatic Resources). This allows us to safeguard our Customers and Workforce, and ensure that delivering high quality products is the number one priority making us one of the most reliable seafood exporters in Sri Lanka.
Customer satisfaction is key to us, and our Quality Management Systems aim to provide high quality products that exceed customer expectations. Our Company continually strives to Improve Food Safety and Quality and drives that culture from within our very core and all our employees, which make us one of the few quality seafood exporters in Sri Lanka.
Indian Ocean Yellowfin tuna (YFT) is checked for histamine using the ELISA method and swordfish is checked for mercury using a DMA-80 Direct Mercury Analyzer (TDA-AAS method) at our in-house laboratory. If histamine is below 20 ppm in YFT and mercury is below 1ppm in swordfish, the fish is processed ensuring proper maintenance of the cold chain by following relevant GMPs/SOPs.

Standards, Certifications & Approvals

EU approved (EU No.: DFAR/FPE/98/09)
FDA approved (FDA No.:1974 880 1582)
BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety)- maintained Grade AA
ISO 22000 (HACCP/Foods Safety Management System)
Member of Sedex (Comply to all SMETA – Social compliance and ethical audits)

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As a quality seafood exporter in Sri Lanka, we have the ability to trace both forwards & backwards i.e. track a product/batch through all stages of production, processing and distribution.
This allows Jay Sea Foods to keep our operations and supply chain efficient, build greater trust with our customers through our transparency, keep lead times low, reduce waste and most importantly ensure that we engage in sustainable seafood practices.

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The Traceability in our process system makes it one of the best to track back to the origin of the product

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Fishing Vessel

Using the Vessel Monitoring System, the Sri Lankan Ministry of Fisheries monitors and documents catch data like dates, times and magnitudes of waypoints when laying and hauling longlines, FAO zones, names (prohibited species or not), weights and lengths of each species caught and longline gear configuration
Only seafood caught by vessels approved by the Ministry are allowed for export

Fish Supplier

We either purchase from suppliers who are registered with Ministry of Fisheries or directly from Ministry approved vessels.
Suppliers carry documented legally required data of each catch.

Raw Materials

These raw materials are then transported in refrigerated trucks (maintaining temperature at 0°C), to our Facility along with copies of the daily catch data (log sheets), whilst adhering to the highest hygiene standards

Factory (Processor)

Catch data submitted by the suppliers are crosschecked and verified by JSFP (with the Ministry). Following which, the raw materials are unloaded and processed in the factory according to all HACCP, EU and FDA standards / regulations.

Finished Products (Loins / Potions etc.)

The processed fish are vacuum packed in to vacuum bags (LDPE + Nylon) and labelled. These labels carry all data that’s required for tracing the processed product from the JSFP process phase to its catch.

Buyer (Customer)

Buyers request for copies of all the legally required catch documents along with the consignment to verify and ensure that the products they purchase are caught in a sustainable and legal manner, which we provide to them as a qualified/high quality seafood exporter in Sri Lanka would do. If there is any issue with the product, they can use these documents and our labels to clarify and trace the product’s details.

Marketer (Retailer)

Our buyers distribute the bulk orders purchased from us amongst their customers (super markets, open markets, restaurants, sales agents etc.) who in turn sell it to consumers (end users)

Product Label (Traceability Code)

The consumer is able to check the product label and see whether it has been caught in a sustainable, legal manner.
JSFP is able to backwards trace any fresh or processed product supplied by us, to identify the particular fish.


A Sustainable business focuses on meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs and this is exactly what makes us a quality seafood exporter in Sri Lanka.
Within the Sri Lankan seafood industry, Sustainability is of the highest importance. Sustainability initiatives are nationwide projects involving all Fisheries Agencies as part of a Fisheries Improvement Programme (FIP).
Jay Sea Foods Processing is fully involved in the FIP. We are an active member of the Seafood Exporters Association of Sri Lanka, who are the hosting body of the FIP and work with Pelagikos (Sri Lanka’s leading consultancy service on sustainable fisheries and eco-labelling for Sri Lankan seafood products)
Our Suppliers and Fishermen are fully versed in the FIP.
Adhering to all the standards expected of a quality seafood exporter in Sri Lanka, we ensure that the fish we purchase, be it tuna, swordfish, reef fish or any other variety, is caught in accordance with Sustainable and IUU (Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated) regulations. This is done by cross checking each catch using the VMS (Vessel Monitoring System) operated by the High Seas Fisheries Unit at Sri Lanka’s Department of Fisheries on a daily basis. We do not purchase any fish from vessels which have not complied with IUU regulations.
Our Fishermen are required to use “C” type hooks which significantly reduce bycatch in longline fishing.

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Our Company is committed to supplying only the best, safest, high quality,legal seafood. Best in class processing techniques are implemented to ensure that only the highest quality products are available to our buyers.

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